Caprine Engineering


Caprine Engineering is a team of skilled engineers who provide planning, civil engineering, and consulting services for a variety of projects, large and small, to both public and private sector clients. We are serving the southeast with active projects in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.


Our motto for our designs and plans is: Right – Good Looking – Fast.

We strive to bring an innovative and sensible approach to achieve our client’s vision and remain respectful of the built environment. We will do the research and math to make sure our designs meet the goals of the project, are technically correct, and make approvals go as smoothly as possible. Right.

We believe clear, organized, and easy-to-interpret plan sets have a direct impact on construction pricing. We take pride in the product, which is our plan. Good looking.

We work with a sense of urgency that values the client’s schedule and expectations. Fast.


At Caprine Engineering, we offer a unique perspective and experience that elevates our work.

With over two years of experience working for a large-scale retail developer and representing projects as “the client,” our principal worked closely with developers, brokers, leasing agents, property managers, and attorneys, in addition to the wide variety of design professionals a project takes to plan and execute. He then returned to a design professional career, having seen that perspective. This experience gives us a unique understanding of our client’s points of view and their project needs.

Our principal’s career experience also includes over seventeen years in a multi-discipline A/E design firm where he worked closely with in-house architects, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, surveyors, and designers focused on other aspects of the career field. Daily interactions and dialogues helped shape an understanding of their issues and perspectives, their scopes of work, and what they value in a project, which established a better level of communication and confidence in dealing with them as part of a project team.

We understand our clients’ and team members’ perspectives in a way that is uncommon.  

Project Management Approach

We are at our best when involved early in a project where our unique career experiences may be best applied. We are adept at coordinating other disciplines for our clients to ensure their services are properly scoped, to facilitate the timely delivery of the information, and to provide a value-added service. We are looking and thinking ahead.

During the coordination and design process and during approvals, we approach decisions that best serve our client’s interest and the project. We understand the goal is to get the permit.

We strive to provide a high level of project management that gives good service and attention to our clients. We get where you are coming from and continually try to understand your business, so our service and design reflect that.